Our Program

At Revolution 216 we focus on what’s most important in learning to play hockey: fundamentals.

Our approach is to break down skills that include puck control, passing, shooting, edge work and skating to ensure that there is a solid foundation to build on.
As a player advances, we go further by introducing them to more complex skills and drills that push a player’s limits and builds their confidence.

Development doesn’t happen over night; instead it is a process that takes time and dedication. With everything, we ensure each player is having fun while learning and developing. Our approach takes in consideration all aspects of developing better athletes and people. This method can be seen as holistic and not simply technical.

Revolution216 brings it all together so these newly learned skills and ideas can be applied to game like situations in order to prepare them for games and life.

According to: Hockey Canada’s Long Term Player Development, “skill development starts at a very young age and is consistently worked on throughout a player’s career. Not only is it important for their development as a player, it also helps with their confidence with sticking with a sport. The best way to develop any skill is through repetition at practice rather then during a game.

All players and including players on the pathway to High Performance need to continuously perfect and advance individual skills and tactics.”

We strongly agree with this approach and invite you to contact us to learn more. Together with players and parents we will strive to bring out the best each individual has to contribute to their team, themselves and the game of hockey.

To learn more, please visit our website at: revolution216.com or email us at: [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!